Barefoot Vet - The Book

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The Start of a Book

Veterinary School

Laying Down on the Job

Dangerous Effects of Rabies

Parents do the Craziest Things

Pets Gone Wild

Monkeying Around

Follow Like Sheep

Kippy Goes to the Dentist

I Got the Point

Kippy Moves On

Filling a Void

Private Practice
Now, That’s Interesting
Somebody Call a Doctor
It Runs in the Family
Horsing Around
Sarah Just Can’t Let it Go
Here, Let Me Help
The Dog on the Flying Trapeze
What’s in a Name?
Go to the “Head’’ of the Line
A Dog, a Monkey and a Tortoise
Can I Come, Too?
Short Surgery, Long Recovery
Good Dog … Very Good Dog!
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Edgar Allen Poe, the Crow
Sometimes You Gotta Break the Rules
Here, Hold This

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