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Essential First Aid

for Dog Owners


Get your Reference Card for this book.

   Print the reference card - double sided.

   Laminate it or put it in a plastic sleeve.

   Keep it in your car as a handy, quick reference.

   This reference card will work best if you have already read the book.

We will continue to update First Aid information on this site.

As we get new information, or just think of new conditions that benefit from First Aid, we will write "new pages" for the book.

We are including a video library demonstrating some of the procedures we discuss in the book.

There is also a library of information on caring for your dogs and links to some pertinent complimentary websites. Every veterinarian and veterinary medical website will have a slightly different "take" on how to do things, so be prepared for some differences of opinion. There is rarely only one perfect way to administer First Aid.

Comments on the book:

    Even Rich loves it which says something. Likes the fact that it shows you exactly what to do quickly. Not a lot of stuff to go through before you get to what you need.   Liz Dickens

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