Up Yellowstone 2008 Trip Slideshow

Beaver den
Big Horn doe 1
Big Horn doe 2
Big Horn doe 3
Big Horn does
Bighorn lamb
Bison and babies 3
Bison herd
Black bear and bison
Bison rubbing off old fur
Black bear cub 1
Black bear cub leaving
Black bears - Momma and cub leaving
Black bear on hill
Black bear eating (through scope)
Black bears
Black Bear and cubs
Cassins Finch 1
Coyote and bison
Coyote eatin 1
Coyote eating
Coyote with bison
Elk and calf
Elk and 2 calves
Elk and calf (1)
Elk and calf 1
Elk and calf 2
Elk bulls
Elk calf (1)
Elk calf
Elk calf 3
Floating Island lake
Floating island lake - mirrored
Goldrn Eagle
Griz bear resting
Grizzley bear face
Grizzley bear - by stream
Grizzly bear eating grass
Grizzley bear moving away
Grizzly bear - the end
Grizzly Bears
Hail on porch 2
Marmot 1
Moose and calf (1)
Moose and calves
Mountain goats - way off on the hill
Mountain Goats on mountain
Mountain Goats displayed
Mountain goats through scope
Osprey nest with adults
Osprey nest through scope
Pronghorn doe and kid
Pronghorn fawn
Sandhill Crane
Sandhill Cranes
Wolf den
Wolf den 1
Wolf with dinner
Wolves - alpha and beta males
Yellowstone farewwell - Alien highway

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