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Kippy MovesOn


In my last year of vet school, I was so busy that I was hardly ever at home. After about a month I realized how unfair it was to Kippy to be stuck in a cage, alone almost all the time. About that time, the Shneiders invited me over for dinner. As a busy student, any home cooked meal was greatly appreciated, so I jumped at the opportunity. Teri was an administrator at the vet school, and she and her husband Glen had taken pity on me and fed me many times. They had three young sons, so the invitation was contingent on me bringing Kippy.


During the meal, I lamented how I was spending so little time with the poor monkey. We had a great meal, as usual, and the boys had a blast playing with Kippy. I was surprised the next evening when I received a call from Teri. Although she invited me over for dinner a couple times a semester, we didn’t really have a “chatting” type of relationship. I was floored when she said the family had discussed it and would like to adopt Kippy for the rest of the school year. After some soul searching on my part, I agreed with the condition that this would be a permanent move. It was hard, but we agreed it would be best for?Kippy not to bounce between homes. Plus I didn’t know where I would be living the next year and expected I would be working long hours at my first real job. As much as I desperately missed her, I knew Kippy got a good deal.

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